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At Maaya Syatems Pvt Ltd , we integrate and distribute products from both strategic manufacturer , products developed through advance Technology .

MSPL is your Eco Friendly Solar Energy products from Solar Thermal Hot water heating to Solar PV for Off-Grid and On-Grid Hybrid Solar Power.

Solar power is an international movement; a sustainable solution in the fight against climate change. As the best way to produce carbon- and nuclear-free energy, solar panels are the first step towards sustainable living. Be part of the solar revolution.

We analyses markets and reports findings as well as recommendations to manufacturers helping them better drive their sales, product innovations, operations, and communication strategies.

We are known for constantly outperforming industry benchmarks, and we’ve been doing it for our customers . Our commitment is simple: high-power solar energy that is reliable and efficient.

Reduce electricity costs with your own pv system: Produce, save, consume or feed solar power into the grid - MSPL also offers storage solutions for the optimal self-consumption of the power produced by your own.

Maaya Syatems Pvt Ltd is dedicated to always providing you the best service and equipment on the market. As new developments arise, we will be updating this site.

What We Do

Integrated Solar street LED lights

All our Solar Street lights comes with inbuilt battery and solar panel. Hence it is called All in One integrated lights.Our idea is of promoting renewable energy and energy efficient LED device for Street Light using Integrated Solar Panels.

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ON / OFF Grid Solar Panels

We supply world’s most advanced solar panel, Our Off Grid Solar Power Systems are composed of solar panels array, controller and battery storage. Our ON Grid Solar System is Highly Efficient System On good solar Intensity, maximum power is produced per day.

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Thermodynamics Solar Water Heater

The ENERGIE Domestic Hot Water products are part of the latest generation of solar energy products and allow for hot water 24 hours a day, with maximum efficiency. You can also guarantee savings between 70 to 85%. Domestic hot water solutions ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports, and industrial facilities.

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Other Power Saving Products

We supply world’s most advanced Solar Air Conditioning, Solar Refrigerator, Solar Freezer - MAKE IN INDIA PRODUCT - which works in Solar, EB & Invertor. Customer can use our products with existing solar panel. Our products rating are above 6.5 star & highly energy saving products when compared to existing products available in the market kindly go through our products catalog.

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Our Clients


    Sacred Heart School, Mountzion Schools In Pudukkottai, Satheesh Balaji Matriculation School


    Vipra Engineers And Projects, Smart Marine, Delight Electricals, Bright Security force


    Narayana Jewellery


    Southern Cot Spins Pvt Ltd, Palmar Mills Private Limited, Gainup Industries India Pvt.Ltd, Jai Jagadambiga Industries, LS Mills Pvt Ltd


    Sri Krishna Bhawan, Sri Akshya


    Adhisayam Theem Park


    Igarashi Motors Ltd, Breadsell Ltd, Maruda Fine Blac Pvt Ltd, Vodofone Ltd, Idea Ltd, Inesh Pvt Ltd, RR Construction, Gamesa Seimens Ltd, Santhi Gears Ltd, Saashta Wet Grinders Pvt Ltd

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Maaya System Pvt Ltd is Established Company from 2003 and informing about Supplying of Solar Street LED Lights, ON / OFF Grid Solar Panels System, Advanced Thermodynamics Solar water heater for 24 x 365 days , We also design & supply Solar Systems for Home, Villas, Office, Restaurant, Apartments, Showrooms, Retails, Corporate & Industries.


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